Legal signatures for corporate entities

Section 313 of the California Corporations Code provides:
Subject to the provisions of subdivision (a) of Section 208, any note, mortgage, evidence of indebtedness, contract, share certificate, initial transaction statement or written statement, conveyance, or other instrument in writing, and any assignment or endorsement thereof, Continue reading

Event Calendar on Land Meeting website

At the right side of each page you will see some of the upcoming real estate events. Thanks to Lew Elliott for adding a lot of these.

If the event is highlighted when you mouse over you can click to get to the event web page.

If you do not see your event here please feel free to add your own real estate-related events. Log in and add your event. I will format it and post on the site. Or just send me an email or make a comment on any post or page.

Note that only the next 7 days or so show up although more events are on the calendar and will show up as they get close to happening.

You can sign up to get updates via email.