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The first time you will be asked to register which requires you to provide a user name and a password. Please use your First and Last name as that is what will appear on posts credited to you. You will receive an email confirming your password (or, if I have already made you a user you will be provided a password).

You can log in and change your password at any time – you cannot change your user name. If you forget your password the system will send a new password to your email address which you can use to log in to the blog and later change to whatever you want.

While you are logged in all posts with your user name are available to you to edit or delete.

You need not be logged in to comment on a post but your first comment will be held for approval (to keep the spammers out). After that you will be able to post your comments directly.

Below the “Log out” you will see the “Entries RSS” which lets you set up RSS feed for Entries. Same is true for “Comments RSS”. Note that if you use the Land and Investment Property Group subscription you will receive an email for Entries so the RSS is a duplication. Some people love RSS feeds – I avoid them.

The “” is a link to let you set up your own, personal WordPress blog. I don’t use those as they are restricted quite a bit. Contact me and I will help you set up a site similar to the Land Group site.

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