Land and Investment Property Group support services

Steve OSA 2015John Lastelic (Haven Exchange) and Brenda Burnett (Coast to Coast Escrow) team up to print and deliver the Worksheets each week after Clarence Alvey (Alvey Real Estate) prepares the updates. Steve Long maintains the website and provides some internet support to members….

Gallery photo & link on the Gallery page of site with a link to your website or a post (available to active group members only) – $20/year

Host your domain – If you already have a domain name and simply want to redirect it to me. You own and renew the domain name but I can redirect it wherever you want (e.g., to your web page on – $25 per year

Domain Name – Acquire a domain name $25.00 per name per year (including hosting). You own the name and can transfer it anywhere you like at any time.

Blogs – we will set up a WordPress blog for you. We will help you determine what you want to accomplish and quote the setup and maintenance. Prices start at $250 for a basic blog ready to go. We will operate and maintain the blog for you starting at about $100 per year including hosting. We show you how to set up your own hosting and operation if you prefer. Talk to Steve for details.

Custom email address (e.g., You may also have multiple email addresses each forwarded separately – $5 each voluntary donation to room fee. One good use for multiple emails is for multiple social media accounts where each requires a separate email address. A benefit is that you can cancel the address any time you want (which stops any spam or unwanted email to that address).

We will post articles or listings to the website for you. Best to send me a PDF but we can scan them for you if you have at the meeting – voluntary donation to room fee.

You can pay at the meeting, mail me a check (email me for my address) or:

To use PayPal to pay for services Click Here

(Note: I am not a professional website designer. Purpose here is to provide some basic help with your real estate internet at very low-cost. If you want fancy – please hire professional services and pay their start-up and monthly fees. I love to make your business run better. I have been editing and publishing for more than 30 years and set up my first Internet website in 1996. I can help you bring your business into the 21st century with minimal expense and pain. These services are intended to last at least a year – but are not guaranteed or warranted in any way. All are subject to my continued ability to provide them and your continued participation in the group. You are also responsible for your information and you are responsible to update or delete invalid, improper or out-of-date information. Neither Steven Long nor any other participant in the Land and Investment Group is responsible for the content nor to make any refunds after the initiation of the service.)

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