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Steve Long
We need to get everyone set up on the automatic notice block on the website as that is the best way to notify you of meeting changes, etc. Please enter your email in the subscription block on the right side of web page.

You will receive a confirmation email (click on image to see how confirmation appears) you must reply to activate your subscription.
If you have already done that you will not activate a second time. Note that if you have previously ignored your activation link it will not send you another notice – you will have to use a different email address. Contact Steve – we can set you up with a “” email address to use just for this.

This is a private list and is not published anywhere nor is it available to anyone except the webmaster (and then only with difficulty). You can cancel at any time (just remember you will have to reapply with a new (different) email address.

You may have been sent a confirmation email in the past and not responded or responded too late. If that was the case you will NOT receive a confirmation email. Watch your inbox – it should come within a few minutes. If you are in doubt please contact Steve @ or 714.360.0244 and we will work out a way.

New posts on the site send you a single email which you can use to determine whether you have enough information or want to click the link to go to the entire post on the website.

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