Posting a Calendar Event

Posting a Calendar Event

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Log in at the middle right side of page “Log in to Post or Register Here” Click on “Log in” if you have previously registered. If you forget your password it will allow you to enter your email and the system will send you a new password. (Once you log in you can change the password to whatever you want to use).
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Categories tab on sidebar

The Categories tab on the sidebar is a drop-down menu with primary category groups:
Available – for sale, trade, exchange
Building – building is primary for the property
Business – business opportunity
Land – land is primary – building minimal value or interest
News – news and events relating to real estate
Reference – information to do real estate business
Services – what members offer (loans, title, escrow, etc.)
Wanted – property wanted to buy, trade or exchange – or services wanted

You may have multiple categories in some cases (e.g., building AND business)

Click on any of the categories to pull out all the posts with that category.

Event Calendar on Land Meeting website

At the right side of each page you will see some of the upcoming real estate events. Thanks to Lew Elliott for adding a lot of these.

If the event is highlighted when you mouse over you can click to get to the event web page.

If you do not see your event here please feel free to add your own real estate-related events. Log in and add your event. I will format it and post on the site. Or just send me an email or make a comment on any post or page.

Note that only the next 7 days or so show up although more events are on the calendar and will show up as they get close to happening.

You can sign up to get updates via email.

Opisthobranch Newsletter

The Opisthobranch Newsletter was founded in 1969 with a mission to support scientific and medical research relating to seaslugs (Mollusca, Opisthobranchia, Nudibranchia) and their allies. Starting in 1996, provided professional and popular information resources and photos from around the world. This was a primary reference source for information about gastropods, marine slugs, seaslugs, anaspideans, lamellarians, heteropods, pteropods, gymnosomatans, opisthobranchs, pyramidellids, nudibranchs, micro-shells & related mollusks.

Publication ceased a few years ago and the issues of Opisthobranch Newsletter, Shells and Sea Life and the Opisthobranch were incorporated into the BioHeritage Diversity Library and are available in digital form.

Forms, checklists or reference sheets you use to evaluate property

If you have any forms or reference sheets you use to evaluate a property or checklists send them in via email and I will get them posted for you. Actually any useful forms for commercial real estate. since these are online they should be available anywhere you are working. and domain names for sale

These two names work very well together – If you say “” folks say “you mean” and you reply “yes” in either direction. Because “HOME” is part of each domain name they rank well with search engines. They also work well as email addresses. I no longer need them and they are perfect for residential real estate. $3,000.00 [10% SOC]