Forms, checklists or reference sheets you use to evaluate property

If you have any forms or reference sheets you use to evaluate a property or checklists send them in via email and I will get them posted for you. Actually any useful forms for commercial real estate. since these are online they should be available anywhere you are working.

CMBS loan that turned recourse because SPE became insolvent

John Baker
Thanks, Brent, for forwarding this.

According to the Court of Appeal decision, the following sub-paragraph is common to many CMBS Separateness Covenants: The borrower shall not,

“fail to remain solvent or pay its own liabilities (including, without
limitation, salaries of its own employees) only from its own funds;”
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Earl McCoubrey Expounds On Trailing 12 Statements

Earl McCoubreyIncreasingly, apartment building lenders are requiring T-12 or trailing-12 income and expense statements when financing properties. So, this blog entry is an urgent entreaty to all apartment property owners to begin creating and storing monthly income and expense statements electronically. When refinancing or when a buyer is arranging purchase financing, the underwriting process will be far simpler when 12 monthly statements are readily available.
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