Loans – Multifamily, Office, Car Washes & Reverse Mortgages

“Wholesale Capital Corporation: Conventional direct lender on 1-4 unit residential properties in California, including owner-occupied and investor properties. Loans close in 30 days. Fewer requirements and rules than banks. We commonly close loans that banks decline, loan more loan dollars on the same property, and close more easily than banks. Rates comparable with banks. All loan origination, processing, appraisal management, underwriting, docs, and funding is in house and in one office. Regular updates to agents. Effective in hitting short sale deadline dates.“

Loans – Nationwide & California

Nationwide – Loans
1. Walker & Dunlap, underwrites and services FreddieMac & FannieMae loans. We help your clients decide which Go-to Agency or Bank is best. In addition we have FHA for Apartments, Assisted Living & Construction Projects. Min $1,000,000
2. New CTL (Credit Tenant Lease) Loans, ie. Walgreens, CVS, etc. – 25 yr, fixed rates to 100% LTV @ 1.01 DCR, Non-recourse. Min $2 MM
California – Loans
3. FHA Apt. loans & Assisted Living Nursing Homes 35 yr. Fixed 4% Range. Bridge to Perm Apt. Construction. Min $2 MM
LA, OC, SD – Loans

1. SBA vs Conventional Analysis for Owner users. 10% Down may be possible with SBA.
2. Private money Lot Loans, under 10% rate.

Earl McCoubrey Expounds On Trailing 12 Statements

Earl McCoubreyIncreasingly, apartment building lenders are requiring T-12 or trailing-12 income and expense statements when financing properties. So, this blog entry is an urgent entreaty to all apartment property owners to begin creating and storing monthly income and expense statements electronically. When refinancing or when a buyer is arranging purchase financing, the underwriting process will be far simpler when 12 monthly statements are readily available.
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