• Jim Anderson Sulawasi Seaslugs
  • Robert Bolland’s  Okinawa Slug Site has great photos and coverage of the Okinawan branchs. He puts  up new photo(s) on the site about every other week.
  • Philibert Bidgrain site with seaslugs from south west Indian ocean : Mauritius; Reunion and Comoro islands.
  • Serge  Gofas & Jacques Le Renard’s Check List of European Marine Mollusca is a  great resource.
  •  Anthony Holley’s Nudibranch  Site has great photos.
  • Erwin Koehler  maintains a list of Mediterranean sea  Seaslug illustrations numbering over 8,000 from around the  world. Please send him photos for inclusion in the list.
  • Gary Mcdonald’s Bibliography of Nudibranchia has moved. E-mail mcduck@cats.ucsc.edu Gary sends me  most of the opisthobranch material for the ON and is invaluable. His Zoological  Record Index file contains the nubibranch references from Zoo.  Rec.
  • Michael D. Miller’s Slug  Site is utterly fantastic! He has gathered a huge collection of sea slug  photos and provided (with support from Scripps Institution of Oceanography)  space for many other opisthobranch resources. Each week he puts up the “Branch  of the Week” on his website.
  •  Miquel  Pontes’s Opistobranquios del Mediterráneo has lots of pictures of  Mediterranean slugs.
  • Bill Rudman’s Seaslug  Forum with photos and comments.
  • Wolfgang Seifarth’s nudibranch and flatworm home page.
  •  Sharif’s Malaysian Slug  Site has great photos and information on opisthobranch species from Malaysian  waters.
  •  The Dive Shop Cambodia has some nice photos.
  • Ant Turkmen’s Site has photos from  Mediterranean waters.
  • Nathalie Yonow The Sea Slugs of the Red Sea by Nathalie Yonow 304 pages, more than 500 colour photos and illustrations, euro 65.00 (plus P&P) has been published. please order from Nathalie


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