The market may have dropped But The 1031Exchange Money is still in the Bank

John LastelicBecause Haven Exchange maintains separate money market bank accounts for every exchange  (not at all the same as “money market funds”), not one penny of 1031 exchange funds has been lost on the latest Wall Street roller coaster ride.  All of the money is still in the Bank!

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1031 Exchange Properties (Delaware Statutory Trusts – DST's)

Franck Bideau
Franck is a registered representative and real estate broker specializing in passive investments into institutional grade properties located throughout the United States, designed both for IRC Section 1031 Exchange & for Direct Investments: Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST’s) and Real Estate Funds.
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1031 reinvestment plans, explained

From First Tuesday:

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §1031 reinvestment plan, also called a §1031 transaction or exchange, allows an owner to sell business-use or investment real estate and use the sales proceeds to purchase replacement business-use or investment real estate, called like-kind properties, without a tax on the profit. The reinvestment transfers the cost basis –– the original cost incurred to purchase and improve the property less deductions for depreciation and destruction –– remaining in the property sold to the replacement property purchased. This is an accounting matter of concern only to the investor and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). [See first tuesday Form 171 and 354]
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